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Rock Star (45 photos)


Rockstar Birthday

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Cake pops & Chocolate Covered Oreos - The Sweet Tooth Bar -

Cookies - Fun Favors -

Invitations - Dolce Drive -

Chevron and Stripped Material -

Printables, favors, decor, cake, posters, record labels, piñata, marquee, stage, food... - Vanessa Grant Events.

A few points about this event.

Most of the elements were designed and created by VGE, there are quite a few of DIY projects including the guitar piñata, glitter birthday candle, marquee, all favors, personalized desserts, printables, stage, centerpieces, food, custom record labels, cake and topper, cutlery...

My son is a huge Foo Fighters fan, he knows every song, all of the members of the band and even what guitar Dave Grohl (lead singer) uses. This is nothing we pushed on him at all, in fact my love for the band started only after my son's obsession. He heard the song Rope when he was just a baby and his love affair with the band took off. At 2.5 I asked him what kind of party he wanted for this third birthday and he enthusiastically exclaimed "ROCK STAR PARTY!" a no brainer really.


Activities included:

Decorate your guitar - I set out some card stock guitar cutouts, crayons and rock star themed felt stickers and let the kids get creative. They proceeded to take their masterpieces to the "concert arena" and rocked out to some themed music we had playing throughout the night.

We set out a basket full of instruments, glow sticks and themed accessories to encourage rock out sessions.

The birthday boy put on his very own show while his "fans" sat attentively in front of the stage as he slammed on the drums singing along to his favorite FF song.

We played a few games including musical chairs (without the chairs). The kids were to dance along to a music video until it was paused, the last child to freeze was eliminated.

Finally we encouraged each child to go up on stage and pick a few members for their band, come up with a cool name and put on a show while the rest of the party watched and cheered on.

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Brick, NJ
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