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Golf Pro Birthday (26 photos)


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Party Info

Earlier this month we celebrated my son's second birthday with a golf themed party. He is all boy and loves anything that includes a stick and ball, which made choosing the golf theme  fairly easy. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed planning the party for my sweet little guy.

Dessert Table

I created the backdrop for the dessert table with a tan table cloth I had and pinned it to the window frame with thumb tacks (my husband wasn't too happy about that one...opps!) I used 12” white tissue paper balls that I purchased from Devra Party and hung them by grosgrain ribbon.

I wanted to use items on the dessert table that went along with the theme so I racked my brain for some golf terms. The sign over the table was “Caddie's Sweet Spot” (sweet spot refers to the center point of the face of the club). There was a “water hazard” ~ blue jell-o jigglers, “wormburners” (which is the term for a ball that skims the grass) ~ chocolate pudding pack topped with crumbled  Oreos and gummy worms plus a sand trap of “doughnut hole in one” ~ made with powder sugar doughnuts and crumbled graham crackers for the sand. I also made cake pops that resembled golf balls ~ some like a lollipop and others with a golf flag and the number two for the birthday boy. The kids had a few candy choices and a small bag to fill so they could bring treats home.

I made the cupcakes myself and enlisted my sister to decorate them. She used the Wilton tip #233 to create the grass effect and we adding a white gum ball to the top. (which I had to painstakingly picked out from the multi color gum ball bin ~ a mother's love)

Games + Favors

Each “Golf Pro” received his/her own set of golf clubs (Thank you Target dollar section for saving the day!), a blue or green visor I purchased at Joann's, practice golf balls and a water bottle to stay hydrated on the course.

To go along with the Golf theme, we set up a Driving Range and Putting Green in the back yard and let the kids try out there new set of clubs. I thought about setting a few adult golf clubs out there for the parents, that thought quickly passed when I remembered there would be 8 kids under the age 3 wanting to get there paws on them. Part of the birthday boys boy’s gift was a Par 3 Mini Golf set from Step2, which served as a putting green.


Of course the food was golf themed too. We had “BBQ Birdie” ~ Chicken, Potato “Wedges”, Watermelon “Slice”, and Hot “Dogleg” ~ (Dogleg is a term for a hole that goes straight for a while then bends) Hot Dogs. Thankfully my friends and family don't question me anymore when they ask to bring something and I specify slices of watermelon – not cubes. They just smile & nod and enjoy the party.


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