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Dominic and EJ's Angry Bird Birthday Bash (14 photos)


Walking the Plank to get to the baaad Piggies

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Dominic and EJ's Angry Birds Birthday Bash.  My boys are six years apart in age, but their birthday's are seven days apart, so for the baby's first and Dominic's 7th we decided to have a combined event that would be fun for all ages. 

Angry Birds is a smartphone app that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.  The object of the game is for various Angry Birds to knock the greedy Green Pigs who have stolen their eggs down.  For the party, we re-created the scenario.


In the week's prior to the party, Dominic and his grandfather painted various sized boxes. We also collected different colored plastic bouncy balls from Walmart and painted Angry Bird faces on them.  Grandpa used tubing from the local Lumber store to create a slingshot.  He used a bungee band and a cone from the Dollar Store to stabalize the balls.

Before the kids could knock down the pigs, they had to go through an obstacle course that required them to disguise themselves in order to sneak up on the piggies.  They had to walk a plank, practice tossing and catching the eggs, crawl through a balloon barracks, put on a disguise, and then dig for eggs buried in sand before the pigs were revealed to them.

For the cake, I purchased a regular sheet cake and broke up KitKat bars to represent the structure the pigs sat on. I bought some toy Angry birds and gave them to the kids from the party.

Pine Bluff, Arkansas
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