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A Garden Meatball Party {on top of spaghetti} (27 photos)



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My youngest daughter is a fun loving silly girl, so I was not too surprised when she asked for a "meatball party" for her 4th birthday. She loves meatballs and the song "On top of Spaghetti". But when she asked it to be a very FANCY and pink party, I had to put my thinking cap on! I decided to take my cue from the fact that in the song, the meatball rolls into the garden. I went with a meatball garden party using lots of pink and gold to make it fancy!

Kori Clark of Paper & Pigtails designed the perfect invite that captured my idea beautifully! She also designed the signs that hung above the sweets and snacks table. I made a buttercream rosette cake which was topped with a darling peg doll replica of my daughter made by the talented Jenny Dixon of Craft that Party.

In addition to the cake, I also made macarons and meatball cake pops. Tara of Bambella Cookie Boutique made beautiful vintage rose cookies along with some fabulous spaghetti and meatball ones.

My husband dressed up and played waiter for our beautiful little guests. They adored their personal waiter and it kept things "fancy" ;) For food we served fruit, finger sandwiches and of course...meatballs!

Party activities were kept simple and classic: pin the meatball on the fork, hot "meatball" and musical chairs. Party favors included fabulous rose lollipop boxes made by the talented duo of J & Do Driver of Piggy Pank Parties! I also gave each girl a pink paperbag topped with a gold doiley. Inside were rose notebooks, pencils and a light up rose stamp. I also made mini tophats for each girl which they took home as well.

My daughter definitely loved her fancy meatball party and I had a such a fun time planning it!




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