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Rustic Western Cowboy 1st Birthday {Twin Boys} (31 photos)


Rustic Western 1st Birthday for Twin Boys

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For this wild and rustic western birthday party, my friend and I made everything (except for the boot smash cakes, which another friend made).

My friend designed the invite in Word, printed it out on paper bags, and burned the edges to  make it look old and weathered.  It arrived folded up and wrapped in twine and just oh-so-cute.

We designed a branding from the first letter of the twins' names, then made a giant rope brand as the backdrop for our main food table.  We also made mini rope brands for additional decor.

Chow Time was authentic cowboy grub that included Campfire Chili with all the fixin’s, Mac N’ Cheese, Cowboy Caviar & Chips, Appalachian Applesauce, Cornbread Nuggets, and Lil’ Doggies for the youngin’s.  For dessert we served Mini Blackberry Cobblers, Haystacks, and Cherry Pie Pops.  Guests could wet their whistle at the Watering Hole with bottled Root Beer, water or tea punch. We ate off pie tin plates with plasticware wrapped in bandana napkins.

For a favor, each little guest received a Cowboy hat with their Cowboy name, as well as a bandana, sheriff’s badge, Cow Tail candy, and glow sticks (for when it got dark).

The smash cakes were a pair of standing boots--one boot for each birthday boy.

For a free download of the party printables, please visit my website:


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