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Welcome to my Fabulous Mid-Life Crisis- Vegas Style Casino Party (48 photos)


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Welcome to my fabulous midlife crisis birthday party.... Vegas Style. A few close friends and I joke that we are going through a pre midlife crisis, so when my birthday come around this year I thought it would be fun to have a midlife crisis party and also incorporate Vegas. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out and  everyone had a great gambling and munching at the "Lost Ages" buffet. The parties saying was "What happens at Debbie's party- stays at Debbie's birthday party".

For the atmosphere I want it to fee like a hotel & Casino.... the "Lost Ages" Hotel and Casino. I was playing off of Lost Wages, as that is what some people call Vegas, but wanted to stick with the Ages/ Midlife crisis theme still. I set up tables for game playing and I wanted them to look like real gambling tables so they had green felt on the top and red skirting. This also match the dessert table.

The dessert bar had the a large backdrop poster of the famous Vegas Sign.... Welcome to my fabulous midlife crisis. We has so many fun sweets and treats. I made Sprinkles Bakes Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Cake Cheesecake! It was so incredibly delicious! We decorated it with king and queen toppers and chocolate poker chips that I homemade. We also had all 4 suits sugar cookies and then chocolate chip cookies in favor bags that were also all 4 suits. Later we made icecream sandwiches out of the suit chocolate chip cookies. Elvis cupcakes, which are banana and peanutbutter frosting with bacon bits in the banana cupcake batter, Homemade marshmallow "dice", Red Liquor-ish, little shot glasses of chicklets (they looked like bingo balls) and my favorite dessert.... olive cake pops. I took an oversized martin glass and filled with red candy, Then placed the "olive" cake pops in there! It was the hit of the night for sure! We had die boxes for them to fill up with treats and take home.

For favors I made little note pads like you would find in a hotel room with Lost Ages, Hotel and Casino at the top and What happens at Debbie's birthday- stays at Debbie's birthday at the bottom. These were also placed at every game table as this is how we kept score for some of the games and rules were written on.

The buffet had a vegetable and fruit platter, chips and my favorite olive dip, rice, squash and zucchini, sweet pepper sliced chicken and sliced steak and rolls.

We also have a non Mid-life Crisis collection for a Welcome to my faboulous Birthday party- Vegas Casino Style!


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