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"Midnight Wonderland Un-birthday Party" (48 photos)


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I would like to share my 30th Un- Birthday Midnight wonderland party with you!
Planning my 30th birthday was going to be crazy! (at least that's what I wanted) I am a stay at home mommy of a 3 year old son, Tyler.
Ever since I had him I have not gone back to work. I actually started my event design business after he was born, to keep myself busy.
I started planning my Midnight Wonderland, about 5 months before, after all detail is key...
I contacted some very amazing vendors to accomplish what I had envisioned in my head.

I really like the vintage look, so that is why I decided to burn the edges of my invitations and a couple of other tags for the pastries.

I had some of the characters from the movie made, and really wanted to try to make it as true to the film

as I could. The caterpillar was one of my favorites. I purchased a small hookah to incorporate with him then also purchased a fog machine to give the effect like he was

actually smoking. ( I must say, this was pretty neat!) I was a little bummed because of the rain, I didn't get to do all I had planned for my party.

Many asked me if I love Alice in wonderland? and I have always loved the Disney version, however doing research for my party and watching the Tim Burton version,

I found myself to grow more and more fond of it! I love mushrooms, I love the whole fantasyland of it. The large flowers that you can see hanging on the gate, I made,

I purchased some at a store they were just wire, but I bought some faux petals and covered them all up, making it a little bit realistic. I think it's been over 5 months

that I have been on the look out for anything that I could incorporate into my Alice in Wonderland theme... still hooked even after the party... maybe for my future daughter.

I loved that a lot of my guests came dressed in character, but sad that most didn't come out in time for the photographer.

Sweet tooth by Abby, made my delicious pastries, the cutest cake pops, and just beautifully detailed Eat me cookies, and playing cards!
so talented! i'm jealous of all your wonderful ability to bake and make it look like a piece of art. My photographer Angel (Angel G Photography)
was brilliant in capturing the smallest details that were really important to me, and all the effort I put into this design setup! Thank you Angel
for putting this day and all my memories in a bottle for years to remember.
My photobooth was by Party4beauty- Crystal was such a sweetheart, and much fun to work with.
She customized my prints exactly like the design on my invitation for guests to take home. Photobooths are so much fun to have at any event,
they really bring out the sillyness in the quietest or most shy person. I love them!

I always like to set up at least 2 days beforehand especially since there were a lot of
large items I was going to display, however with the unexpected rain, I couldn't place
any of my items out, this really made me kind of nervous. I waited until the next day to
see if the rain had dried out most of my yard, only to find that it had rained the whole night
before, I now started to panic! my backyard was a muddy swamp. I knew I had to move quickly with
plan B (no idea whatsoever) well common sense, put up canopy tents so that my guest would not get wet!
I can't handle looking at plastic tents, so I tried to cover up the  inside with a backdrop. Before I knew it it was almost
6pm I hurried to call my hairstyler to see what time she would come, little to find out that she had to take her mom
to the emergency room, due to some pain she was having. She cancelled on me! things couldn't get worse, as it started
to pouring rain ... I was feeling like I was going to pass out on the floor and then wake up to have a nervous breakdown after! finally snapped out of it, jumped in the
shower and tried to put myself together, one of my friends came to the rescue to put the faux eyelashes on me. (thanks Raquel)
when I finally was ready, the DJ had already gotten there and finished setting up, and the photographer was already snapping
away at all my party! things felt a little better! Guest started to arrive. I could breathe again. The night was a
success despite the rain, my guests had a blast taking pictures at the photobooth, with the props that were set out. We danced
the night away. After midnight, the music ended, (being curteous to my neighbors) bringing the party inside and continuing
until 4:30 in the morning. I thought that was something people just say to describe the party as crazy! however a lot of my guests
actually really left at that time. You have to remember that i'm the mommy of a 3 year old, so things are a lot different than my prior life.
All my guests and vendors absolutely loved the party and design setup! a couple of my vendors said that it was the best party they
had ever been to and it was "theme park status" wow I was so excited! my birthday was over -I and many of my friends will remember
this for a long time! ( I guess I really got what I wanted- my 30th birthday was actually crazy) next time I will be a little bit more specific to what I actually want.
My march hare and I ended the night cuddled together. That was definately a night to remember with all the unexpected crazyness!.
I really hope you enjoy reading my adventure and I loved sharing it with all of you.

List of Vendors:

Photography-  Tel (951) 757-2382                                        Email:

Unique Themed Rentals & Event Design - Tel (909) 559-0989  Email:

Pastries- Sweet Tooth by Abby-          Tel (818) 269- 4955  Email:

Photobooth provided by: Tel (909) 643 5566                                 Email:

DJ- DNA Party Service Tel (951) 378- 9857

Chakoda Design
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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