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Adult Pajama Party (21 photos)


We also did another project called LOve Notes where each guest would decorate their own personalized envelopes and hang on wall withopening to the front so other guests can write others in attendance a heart felt love note with words of gratitude and or words of encouragement

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Our adult pajama party was an opportuniy for our guests to play and leave behind their jobs, relationships, children, chores, bills and every day hustle and bustle and simply relax and have fun~ I set up different stations for various crafts, and we also featured a photo booth complete with a hand crafted back drop, we also played movies projected onto a wall in a seperate room with the volumn off and had pillows and fresh blankets to lounge on, and in another room, featured club music, bubble machine, and a strobe light and also a go go box for those of us who wanted to dance and jump around after eating our delicious handmade goodies at our buffe table.

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