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Airplane First Birthday Party (37 photos)


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The inventation was a passport with a board pass, so cute!!! Everybody talked about it, I loved it. It was so different and cute that my main concern was that my party would be as cute as the invantation.

Since was in winter I served Mac & Cheese for the kids and Raviolli for the adults: 4 cheese with Alfredo sauce and Beef with tomato sauce. For desserts I had a white chocolate fountain with strawberries, grapes, marshmallow, pretzel.

At the entrance I had  a pilot welcoming my guests a board. I put together to go boxes with a toast, travel size cream cheese, travel size peanuts, and a juice with a printable saying jet fuel.  

As party favors I made wooden boxes with travel size: toothbrushe, toothpaste, soap, hand sanitiser and a little towel saying thank for flying by and my son's name. All the moms loved it. Since I had goodie bags for the kids, I gave the wooden boxes to the moms.

I made two cakes: One was a cold strawberry cake, hummy!!!!! That I left in the refrigerator, and served after we sang happy birthday. The cake on the table is FAKE!!!!! Made exectelly how I wanted. 

I had paper plane on the ceiling. With blue drapes to represent the sky. The main table was red to represent the airplane. I put four big black and white pictures of him around the room. 

It took me over 6 months to plan this party, I loved the way it came out!!!! 





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