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Eskimo Kisses & Valentine's Wishes (12 photos)


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To me there is nothing sweeter than an Eskimo kiss shared with my little girl. Her little nose just begs for them. It is this simple gesture of love that has inspired our Valentine’s Day playdate this year. We invited a few of her little friends and their moms to celebrate the sweetness with us.
A canvas I painted in a soft ombre blush was the backdrop to our dessert table. “Eskimo kisses” (Hershey Kisses), “Eskimo Pies” (Ice cream sandwiches) and “snowballs” (coconut covered marshmallows), Eskimo cookies and igloo cake pops were set out for the little invitees to enjoy. The centerpiece, an igloo cake set on a hand-made cake stand spray-painted metallic gold made our party theme come alive.
I modeled the little Eskimo Illustration for our printables after one of my favorite winter photos of my daughter all bundled up in her winter coat with just her sweet face peaking out. So cozy and cute! With hues of blush, gold and aqua it all came together to create a soft, girly party setting.
Like soft fluffy snowballs, tulle Pom toppers adorn some of our guest treats, and pom wands doubled as centerpieces for the dining table. The girls loved playing with their “snowball wands”.
Our little Valentine’s were each sent home with Valentine bags full of chocolate “Eskimo Kisses” and big smiles.

Styling & sweets: Itsy Belle
Printables: Itsy Belle’s Shop
Tulle Pom Toppers & Wands: Titi’s Tutus
Photography: A Moment Remembered Photography & Hollie Renner Photography

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