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Cheesecake Dessert Bar (8 photos)


Cheesecake Dessert Bar: Vanilla, Chocolate, & Lemon

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My mom, sister, and I are all members of P.E.O. - Chapter K in Vale, Oregon. Each meeting, a different gal hosts the members at her home and another member co-hosts by bringing treats for enjoyment after the meeting has concluded. In February, my mom volunteered her home for the meeting and Alisha and I were the co-hostesses.

With it being so close to Valentine's Day (and since Mom and Alisha are both talented at making cheesecakes), we decided to do a Cheesecake Dessert Bar. Mom put together an arrangement of beautiful red tulips flanked by pink mini roses. We had vanilla, chocolate, and lemon flavored cheesecakes with a myriad of toppings and drizzles to choose from. I had a slice of chocolate with raspberry drizzle and homemade whipping cream - to die for!

We used the mini chalkboards I put together for Patricia's wedding to identify the cheesecake flavors - those mini chalkboards come in handy more often than not!

We also sent home the members with Valentine's Day goodie bags filled with M&M chocolate chip cookies! Can't wait for our next excuse to put something fun like this together :)



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