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Ellie's Glamour Girl Princess Party (50 photos)


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The dream of every little girl is to be a princess, and for birthday girl, Ellie, that dream came true for her fifth birthday!  Ellie’s birthday celebration was inspired by the Barbie Princess Charm School movie, and was hosted by her mom, Jenny (who could be a party planner!)


The fantasy began with each of Ellie’s guests receiving their party invitation with a photo identification card proclaiming their acceptance into the Barbie Princess Charm School.   If it can be said that the invitation sets the tone for a party, these young ladies could only imagine the magical event that awaited them.


As the party guests (a.k.a Princess Charm School Candidates) arrived, the excitement began to build as brightly colored balloons stood to mark the front walkway, which had been transformed into a hot pink “carpet.”   Even the trees in front of the house were decorated and the giant birthday cake inflatable on the lawn announced that this was indeed a birthday celebration.  The little princesses-to-be were greeted by charm school staff assistants, Ashley and Brooke, who assisted the guests with their personalized name tags.  No simple name tags for these lucky young ladies.   They were delighted to see their own faces were placed within the Barbie Princess Charm School figure –What a PRECIOUS idea!


The fantasy continued throughout the home and yard with an explosion of pink, purple, and blue fabric backdrops, balloons, and colorful decorations.  The personalized party products for water bottles, food and beverage table, and party favors, left no doubt that theme was carried out in every detail adding to the magic of the day.  Even decorative bag tags were tied around the girl’s water bottles at the beginning of the party, and served as their place cards for their seating. In addition, an assortment of crystal bowls, vases, and decanters were filled with gum balls and candy in keeping with the color scheme.  Some of these strategically placed table accents served to hold the decorative party circles.


Ellie and her guests sat at kid-friendly sized tables in chairs fit for princesses to decorate felt crowns.  No details were overlooked in the table and room decorations to carry out the theme.

Watching the movie "Barbie Princess Charm School” only added to the excitement.   The future princesses were treated with face painting, choosing from such designs as a princess crown, a heart, a flower, or a scroll. A pink balloon wand made for each of them was awarded after getting their face painted!  They decorated pails to fill with goodies.

Additional activities included games such as Pin the Crown on the Princess and musical chairs, with the winners receiving trophies.  The birthday princess, Ellie, won the Pin the Crown on the Princess Game!  A piñata filled with treats kept the party fun going! 
Each party guest received an adorable personalized pink gingham  tote bag, which they used to hold their items from 'Barbie's Bling Boutique" table.  The boutique table contained nail polish, emery boards, makeup, and jewelry items for the girls to select as party favors.
Photos were taken of each Barbie Princess in a spectacular photo booth set up in the backyard.  How special was that!

Their pink and white tote bags were filled with party favors and photo memories of the day at charm school.   Each guest received a photo album, complete with pictures from the party along with their decorated picture frame, and their photo in the Barbie photo booth.


A beautiful table and backdrop adored with the princess silhouette was filled with goodies fit for the charm school candidates.   Guests dined on such delicacies as Majestic Marshmallows, Prim and Proper Popcorn, Royal Reeses, Princess Pizza, Whimsical Water, Castle Cupcakes, Carriage Cookies, and Charming Chips.   A Barbie Cake topped off what was a fabulous feast!


Departing princesses received a certificate with their name on it as having successfully completed their day at the Barbie Princess Charm School.  The magical day will be remembered by all, but especially by Princess Ellie!

John’s company is Fast Action Photo in Lubbock, TX.

Paper Design (party items, posters, banners, tags, and toppers): That Party Chick on Artfire


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