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Up, Up & Away for Ally's 4th Birthday (8 photos)


dessert table

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My daughter just loves the movie UP and when I asked her what theme she wanted for her 4th birthday, it was her top choice.  I knew from the start that I wanted to feature the "Up house" in all its colorful glory on the dessert table.  I tried to find  something to buy, but had no luck, therefore, I purchased a doll house kit.  From there I constructed the house and painted it to look like Mr. Fredrickson's house from the movie.  From their I designed a custom logo for her party that featured the house and balloons that say "Ally is 4".  I used the logo on the invitations, signs and food tents.  

The dessert table featured a cloud printed fabric backdrop with the Up House and attached balloons in the middle.  I designed and made a custom banner for the front of the table which had  Ellie's grape soda badge, Mr. Fredrickson's bow tie, their mailbox, a tennis ball (from his walker) and a blue balloon with "Spirit of Adventure" on it. We served cupcakes with balloon clusters on top made by Codi Gauger and Jones' bottled soda.  The dessert table also featured "Kevin's Chocolate station" with brownies, chocolate chip cheesecake bars and candy.

We also had Fenton's Ice Cream Station which was adorned with red and white stripes and tons of toppings.

The main course was the Paradise Falls, South American Station.  This station served build your own, tacos, nachos or baked potatoes with all the toppings. 

Guests were greeted by a balloon wreath made by Kristi Mathews (Etsy) on the front door and ballons in the shape of a 4 on the garage door.  We also had balloon topiaries in the front yard framing the drive way. 

Guests were able to party indoors or out with a tent and seating in the back yard.  The head table outside showcased an "Adventure Awaits" banner made by Earmark (Etsy), flowers in mason jars and a vintage suit case. 

Custom signs decorated other parts of the house including "Take a Bath HIppie!" on the bathroom door and "No Rap Music or Flash Dancing" in the kitchen.  I also made banner with scenes from the movies. 

The birthday girl and her family wore custom shirts featuring the party logo and their favorite Up characters.  Ally also wore a handmade Up bow from macfanatic08 (Etsy).

Guests left with Ellie's grape soda pop badges and finger puppets from  They enjoyed the photo station and props from LJDesignco (Etsy) and playing cornhole with custom balloon beanbags made by Codi Gauger.



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