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Sesame Street 2nd Birthday Party (36 photos)



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    Can you please tell me where did you get the sesame street lamp post from, are if it was made, can you tell how can I make one. My daughter is Turing two and she loves Sesame street.

    • June 20, 2013 at 10:12AM
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This Party is completely DIY.  We hand-made everything. It was an absolute labor of love by my mom and me!  

I wanted something fun and punchy for the backdrop.  I thought about all the cheap frames I had gotten from garage sales and stored in the garage.  I threw a little red spray paint on a few of them and printed out some fun prints to go inside.  I added little fabric bunting and tissue paper pom poms and I had myself a backdrop that truly celebrated my birthday boy.  I decorated the cake with buttercream and fondant, as well as the character cupcakes.

Each of the foods served were associated with a specific Sesame Street character.  But I think the drinks may have been my favorite!  "Juice up" with Grover's Super Juice.  Who doesn't want a drink with a cape?

Elmo was at the door to welcome all the guests to Sesame Street. And there were lots of fun games and activities to keep the guests busy, including a cardboard "Hooper's Store" where the children could put on puppet shows.

To say thank you, each guest got to choose a cup with their favorite character and a few goodies inside.




Mandeville, LA
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