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Wine Tasting (10 photos)


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I had a few of my close girlfriends over for a wine tasting and it turned out great!! I had everyone bring a different type of wine (which we figured out as everyone RSVP'd).  As everyone arrived I had each person go into a separate room to cover theyre label with one of the ones I had printed out and then place it on the table.  I made chocolate cake and had chocolates, cheese and crackers, pasta with garlic and oil and marinara for everyone to munch on.  I had made these really cute chalkboard paint wine glasses that I found on Pinterest for each person to write their name on and use for the night and take home :)  The wine tasting part I kept simple.  I made up a little quiz for people to guess which type of wine was which and also a card to rate each wine and help them keep track of what they had tasted already.  Good thing, because we all figured out early on that it is harder than it seems!!  Off to the side we had a carafe with fresh water and an empty bowl for the girls to rinse and dump any leftover wine between tasting.  I had a little prize of a four pack of little wine bottles and Lindt chocolate for the winner of the Wine Guessing game.  The night turned out to be a blast, some of the wine we found out was pretty awful and some bottles were all gone early on.  After the tasting we of course had to watch Bridesmaids to finish off the ultimate Girls Night :)

The labels I used I found on Pinterest:



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