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Canadian Lumberjack Adult Dinner Party (13 photos)



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Every Canadian has a need to let that lumberjack side in them out every once and a while. Especially if we've found ourselves living in other countries and find ourselves feeling a little homesick. We pull out our toques, our plaid jackets, eat stacks of pancakes and drench everything in maple syrup. Some don’t need a reason, but for others, we wait for a day like Canada Day (July 1st) or Lumberjack Day (Sept 26th) to really let it all out, preferably with others...

Big chunks of tree stumps made up a huge part of the décor, which we can thank due to a large storm that went through the week prior and knocked out the tree next door. And to the tree choppers who cut it up, left us some and picked it up a week after the party. You can imagine the conversation with, essentially, lumberjacks, about me wanting to keep tree stumps for a lumberjack party!!!

The 4.5 foot bear made it's way around the party, but started at the front to greet everyone. It's a wall decal purchased on Amazon, pasted to cardboard and cut out.

The front room was set up as a place for everyone to crowd around while photos were being taken in the adjoining room. A large round table, covered in plaid fabric, held
- platters of cheese on wooden boards
- flip top jars of olives and sundried tomatoes
-Old Rosie scrumpy cider
- wood chunks and candles in glass jars
- Canadian beers and whiskey
- Mason jars filled with juices and water

Highlight was the redneck wine glasses. These were constructed by putting together smaller mason jars with cheap glass candleholders (both found at Red Dot), glued together with epoxy resin (as super glue or hot glue guns won’t stick glass together. So ya know). Make sure you glue them outside in a well ventilated area, use gloves, don’t breathe it in… and you’ll find it works out to only $3 each.

That backdrop? Was a big long pain up my derrière. Using Photoshop, I chopped each section of a large image, pasted it into a new document, printed each one, then taped it all together. I’m sure there may have been an easier way, like, I dunno, buying a backdrop? But to keep costs down and to choose the backdrop I wanted (little miss fussy here), this was my option. Not one I’d recommend to others.

Black plastic sheeting was laid down to keep the tree sap from getting onto everything. Tree stumps and small planted ferns and baby pines were put into place, and vines were wrapped around everything.

Props were left around. Yes, that is a real axe, with a safety cover on. Regardless of the photos, my bunch of friends are highly responsible, so no axes were bound to end up in one another… or the furniture. While they all came dressed in plaid, I supplied some furry ear flap hats, and flannel plaid scarfs, just in case.

When everyone had worked up an appetite, they were hustled into the kitchen where a long table had been set up for a sitdown dinner. Grey plaid fabric made a dapper tablecloth, and a gnarled tree branch was transformed into a table long candleholder. Large nails were drilled into the wood, holes were cut into the bottom of the wax candles and wedged on. Just make sure the tree branch you use is stable! You don't want it rolling and knocking flame onto fabric. If you can, slice the base where the branch will be touching the table so it sits flat. More candles were nestled into large glass jars down the table to help illuminate the room.



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