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Gender Reveal Party (12 photos)



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Invitation/Printable Party: Tickled Peach Studio on Etsy
I worked with the talented Kathy from Tickled Peach Studio (I think I might use her for every party I ever have) to create what I wanted. If you haven't given Kathy your business yet, I would highly suggest going over there right now and buying something from her. She's amazing.

For the food, I had these epic s'mores cupcakes planned but the frosting was a disaster and we ran out of time. That's why we quickly threw a dollop of marshmallow cream under some chocolate frosting haha! Everyone said the graham cracker crust was what made it good so I was happy.
I also made my first ever pie pops with the maker I got for Christmas! I threw in some strawberries, bananas and pineapple on sticks. And the day before the party I found these raspberry swirls at Costco (like the cinnamon swirls I love) and knew I had to have them!

My favorite part of the table, though were the Jones Sodas. I had to search high and low for these babies, but I was DETERMINED! So happy with the adorable wrappers too!

Because we are slightly ridiculous (and also hilarious), we had a voting station. Yup. Complete with stickers that everyone could proudly wear. Everyone loves an "I voted" sticker, right?

When it was time to open the box of balloons they SHOT out so fast! I was worried about the "high float" wearing off by the party, but that stuff does not mess around! The balloons are STILL floating high in my living room! Also, the kids loved this. LOVED it.


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