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Nautical Crab Baby Shower (22 photos)


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We may be landlocked where we live, but we wanted to honor the mother-to-be who now lives in Maryland with a crab baby shower! All of the details were nautical and combine a sweet love of the sea with good wishes for the baby.

Each guest brought a card with wishes for the baby that we put in an album for the family. We designed a printable banner, food labels, lollipop tags, drink tags and cupcake toppers. Guests enjoyed Chesapeake crab chips, corn crab chowder, chicken salad and fruit salad while sipping matching sodas.

For dessert, there were mini crab cookies and cupcakes baked into baking cups from Cakes and Kids Too. Each guest took home a delicious orange creme lollipop made by Custom Candy Creations with a bon voyage tag on it!

We used a crab silhouette throughout the party - for the flower vases, toothpicks, and a banner on the food table. It was easy to add seashells and burlap to increase the nautical feel. We loved working with the calm blue, navy and poppy, and we found many ways to tie those colors into our party!


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