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Super Mario (24 photos)


Dessert and Snacks Table

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the party theme was new super mario bros. wii, we were only in charge of the dessert and snacks (munchies) table


The snacks consisted on typical mexican munchies such as:

Chips with Chile

Snack mix on the mystery boxes: corn chips, nuts and tamarindos

Bowser´s Shots with tamarinds and chili gummies
Elote (corn with cream, cheese, chile)
Fruit mix with Chamoy (sweet chili sauce)
For the sweets we made:
Two different kind of cucpakes : chocolate (pirahna cupcakes) we made the green tube wrappers and the pirahna toppers
Lemon Cupcakes with the 1 up mushroom toppers
Ice power where blue marshmallows
Fire Power where spicy gummies
Red Mushrooms where made of brownie pops
The star power Sugar cookies
We compliment that with chocolate coins, Princess peach Rings, and Yoshi´s eggs where chocolate eggs and some mario´s mustache made also of chocolate

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Sugar and Spice
Monterrey, NL MEXICO, TX
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