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Angry Birds Party (48 photos)


Dessert and Snacks Table

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This was the 6th birthday party for my Son, so we get to do everything, from the cake, the dessert table, favors, centerpieces, decorations, everything. The party took place at a Party place here in monterrey, Mexico, Laberinto.

On the Cake table, we went super handy and made the cake stand from wood, with some help from the home depot crew, we also use some shelves we got on ikea to place the favors, that were angry birds water bottles and sugar cookies, for the backdrop we used a polka dot white and black fabric and a banner

For the dessert table, we use some recycled wood boxes from a construction site along with wood boxes collected from our local farmer´s market to represent the wood structures where the green pigs hide, on the other side we used round bowls on different sizes with decorations made with foam to represent the angry birds, each one filled with colorful treats and snacks, the slingshot was made of paper mache piñata, as well as the piggies hiding between the food.

Angry Birds table:

  • White Bird filled with popcorn
  • Red Bird filled with chili chips
  • Orange Bird filled with cheetos
  • Blue Bird filled with Blue marshmallows
  • Yellow Bird with regular natural chips

The Pig Table:

  • Bowls with: spicy chips, fruit mix with chamoy, sour worms, m&m´s, veggies
  • Little nests filled with egg shaped brownie bites
  • Tamarind Shots
  • We bought some white plastic eggs at Hobby lobby and filled them with spicy dried pineapple
  • We made some assorted cupakes in a cup that represented each of the angry birds: Red- Strawberry, Black-Chocolate, Blue-Vanilla, Yellow-Mango, Green-Pigs.

The centerpieces where some angry birds piñatas, placed in a wood box with son egg shells and decorated with balloons.

For the entertainment we made a real size slingshot made with pvc pipes and covered with paper mache, the birds were made of balls with the faces paintes with acrylic paint as well as the piggies, the structures were made of boxes collected from the local costco.

For the favors, we made some bows, and buy plastic bracelets for the girls. For the boys we found some balloon slingshots on our local dollar store, we just change the package to fit the entire party, we also found some angry birds fabric bracelets, and bought angry birds tattoos, pencils and paddle balls at party city. 

For the food, this was the only part we do anything, the party place incluided it, so the mom´s meal consisted on a grilled panini with salad, we just made some angry birds toppers to match the party, for the kids they had pizza.

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