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Sprinkles Slumber Party (30 photos)



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For my daughter Mira’s 10th birthday, she wanted to have a small slumber party with her five closest friends.  For her party, I wanted to create a party that looked beautiful, but one that also celebrated her and her friends’ beautiful spirits.  Tween years are such a critical time for development.  Experiences during these formative tween years can impact just how girls develop.  It’s so important for tween girls to have empowering and encouraging experiences to build their self-confidence to hold off problems later. So not only did I focus on the party design and styling, but also on creating a space where Mira and her friends were nurtured and empowered. 
When we started discussing themes, Mira didn’t want and over the top, all-out theme.  Mira has always loved rainbow sprinkles.  In fact, it’s the only ice cream topping she likes.  Also, she loves having breakfast for dinner.  We combined her two favorites for a Sprinkles “Brinner” (brunch for dinner?). 
{Décor}  The party décor started with the rainbow sprinkles inspired printable paper goods.  The invitation and address label wrap for the envelopes incorporated rainbow colored polka dots.  The other paper goods carried out the theme.  
The Brinner table was set up in our sunroom.  For a runner down the center of the table, I punched 3 inch and 2 inch paper circles and scattered them down the center of the table.  A chandelier was also made out of paper circles, hung from an embroidery hoop.  My daughter spotted some color dipped spider mums at the grocery store.  She loved them and thought they’d be perfect for the table. 
Sprinkles were used for decorating throughout the party.  Votives on the eating table were filled with sprinkles.  The girls’ milk bottles were rimmed with sprinkles.  The Yogurt Bar sign had a sprinkles frame.  And, of course all of the food was topped with sprinkles.  The Pancake Cake was topped with a peg doll dressed in sprinkles couture. 
{Food}  Since Mira wanted brunch for dinner, we started with traditional brunch food.  I made individual sized Egg, Cheese, and Sausage Casseroles and individually wrapped Country Ham Biscuits for each of the girls.  Desserts on the table included Oreo Truffle Pops, Rice Krispie Treats, and White Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Wafers.  Each dessert was also sprinkled with Rainbow Sprinkles.
We also set up a Yogurt Bar so the girls could make their own parfaits. For the Yogurt Bar sign, I covered the edges with sprinkles to frame the print. The girls enjoyed making parfaits topped with fruit, granola, coconut, and sprinkles.
{Activities} While the girls were eating Brinner, I encouraged them to each write a positive statement about everyone else sitting at the table on pieces of the circle cardstock that decorated the middle of the table. OH MY GOODNESS! I never imagined what a wonderful moment it would be for all of them. Not only did they write beautiful statements about each other, but they also read aloud all of the affirmations. That led to them engaging in a lengthy discussion about all the things they loved about each other.
After eating, the girls painted their own canvases. It was fun to watch how creative they each were and how they praised each other for their paintings.
{Favors} -- In the morning, Mira gave all the guests sprinkles rings that I made. They were placed in small zippered pouches with each of the girls' names. The card said, "Sprinkled with love for you!"  The favors were a great way to end the party. And, they are a fun keepsake that will remind the girls of the party each time they wear them.


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