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Mother's Day By the Kids (22 photos)


Mother's day spread that the kids can make themselves!

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The idea behind htis mother's day celebration was to create something that the kids could do FOR the mom.  With that in mind, all of the delicious treats at our garden party were made by the kids!  Peanut butter and jelly "snail" roll-ups, open faced herbed cream cheese sandwiches with flower-shaped cucumbers, miniature trifles, caprese salad, simple garden cupcakes, veggies and dip.  Beverages were also made by my girls:  sun tea and pink lemonade.  

Decorations were kept very simple.  An old potting bench made the perfect table for our garden party ($10 craigslist score).  No fancy flour arrangements necessary--we just bought flowers and herbs that we planted together in our garden after we ate.  A big balloon with a garland for the string added the perfect whimsical touch.

I don't want a mediocre, overcrowded brunch for mother's day, lovely though the intentions may be.  A sunny afternoon, a rolling green lawn, tasty treats, a big balloon, and my family--now that's what I call a great celebration.

I developed all of the recipes and crafts, but my girls pretty much did the work for me!  The balloons and straws came from the Petite Party Studio  (

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