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Hello Kitty Sweet Shoppe (30 photos)


Cupcake Invitation (I only got one shot, but the cupcake slides out of the cupcake liner and all the party info is on the cupcake).

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Hello Kitty Sweet Shoppe

Aurora's 7th Birthday Party

We held the party at our home. The entrance way was decorated with giant lollipops (made from plates covered in plastic and giant sticks), and giant candies (balloons wrapped in plastic to look like candies) and a life size Hello Kitty holding one of the lollipops. There was a red and white striped awning over the door way and a sign that said "Hello Kitty Sweet Shop". There was a table when they came in where they could choose a cupcake tatoo and get a Hello Kitty ears headband and have their face painted with a yellow nose and  whiskers. They were super-cute kitties! I told them all to wear Hello Kitty clothes and we took pictures of everyone in their headbands and whiskers.

In the main room they colored pictures of Hello Kitty until everyone arrived and then they were able to decorate their own aprons with fabric paint and cupcake templates I had cut out of felt and fabric. THeir were even pom poms for cherries. They were very creative and had a lot of fun! Then they all sat on the carpet and made a cupcake necklace while we cleared off the table and got it ready for the next activity. Each child got 3 mini cupcakes and to large ones to decorate. Their were two muffin tins filled with decorations for them to use as well as decorating pens a individual box of mini m&ms, 10 bags of different colored frostings and ice cream cones too. I made a few examples for them to look at: a polar bear and a fish and a flower cupcake. They had so much fun! They ate as much as they decorated but that was half the fun!

When they were done they all got washed up and we had lunch- I had made a red and white striped awning to hang over the dessert/food table and it looked like an old fashioned candy shop! The table was covered with a Hello Kitty table cloth (red and wht) and had a red ruffle skirt around it. There was an old fashioned looking white shelf filled with candy jars with candy, cookies, popcorn and cakepops and marshmellow pops. I handmade Hello Kitty waterbottle labels and little white juice bottles to look like Hello Kitty herself. They got to pick out their own foods- mini sanwiches, chips, fruit kebabs (strawberries and bananas). All the food was red and white to go with the theme.

When they had finished eating we opened presents and then we had the cake- a giant red velvet cupcake (color coorindated with the theme of course!). It has Hello Kitty and a 7 candle on top. The birthday girl was thrilled with her big day! The kids all had a blast. They each got to bring home their apron, cupcakes, Hello Kitty headband, cupcake tatoos, and cupcake necklace (and most of them brought home their waterbottles and juice bottles too). It was a great day.


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