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Whooo Will It Be, A He Or A She? (23 photos)


The Entrance

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This was an exciting gender reveal for a lovely couple, who just happens to be my sister and brother in law. The party was held on October 27th, so we decided to have a fall themed party. The party's theme was Whooo Will It Be, A He Or She??  Our color palatte was fall colors brown, red, orange,and gold which was incorporated throughout the location.

Our menu consisted of two hearty soups ( chili and a corn chowder), various toppings, cornbread muffins, and beer bread. The beverages were bottled sodas, waters, and seasonal beers. My favorite part of the menu was the dessert table. I used pumpkins as plate stands and placed them at various heights. Again the menu was favorite fall desserts like pumkin roll, apple dip, carmel corn, and pecan pie bars.

The gender was revealed by placing blue balloons in a box and having the parents to be release them. We took an ordinary cardboard box, painted chipboard letters, and owl stencils and decorated the box.  Each guest chose a pin to wear which indicated their guess of the gender. These pins were easily made with cardboard and a stencil.

Several games were played for fun. We placed an apothecary jar full of candy corn and pumpkins, then asked each guest to guess how many of each. The guest with the closeset amount won a gourment carmel apple. 

Overall, the party was a great succes. It was a laidback and casual night full of fun and laughter, creating memories of a lifetime!!

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Soiree by Roxanne
Owens Cross Roads, AL
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