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Olivia's Princess Party (50 photos)



  • crissyx:

    I love it all, you did a great job! May I ask, where did you get those letters that spell Olivia's name?

    • July 31, 2013 at 3:44PM
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  • image description


    Where did you get the letters or is there a DIY site for making the letters that spell out her name?

    • February 6, 2014 at 1:33PM
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In honor of my sweet baby girl Olivia's 4th birthday I set off a princess bomb inside my home.  I had every princess you could think of, every bright color that my baby loves, tiaras, dresses, flowers, tulle; if it was girly, it was there. 

When it came time to plan this party there was no question what the theme was going to be.  She was adamant, PRINCESS!  The only question was, WHICH princess??  "All of them" she said, and then walked away. ;)

So I contacted my girl Amanda of Amanda's Parties To Go and asked her if she had any princess collections up her sleeve.  She got to work and came up with the most adorable princess collection. I love how sweet this came out.  Thank you thank you Amanda.  Check out her shop for the set.    Its perfection.


To keep the kids entertained I had princess crafts as well as a special visit from one of Olivia's favorite princesses, Snow White.  She painted faces, did a magic show and even made balloon animals for the children.  She was amazing!!  

So without further adieu, my baby girl's princess party...


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