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An Enchanted Brave Birthday (32 photos)


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My daughter requested a Brave/Merida themed party for her 5th birthday. The first thing that came to mind were images of Merida in the forest with lots of mossy green and wisps leading the way to her adventure. I created this look by incorporating lots of moss and wood details to mimic that forest feel. The sweets were placed upon various tree trunk slices and then surrounded by varying types of moss. I then tucked little blue lights into the moss to create the look of wisps hiding in the forest. I spray painted a frame and used sheet moss to display the overall message of the Brave party over the table. My friend created the amazing cake that was inspired by Merida's dress and then a bullseye on top complete with a bow and arrow made from sugar. I added plaid fabric embellishments in order to convey the Scottish princess vibe. The bear paw cookies helped pull the bear aspect of the movie into the party table and the cups of trail mix will fuel anyone with a healthy start to their trek into the Scotland forests or for some fun at the Highland Games. I also created a few fun outdoor activities including the Haggis Toss, Target Challenge, and then a craft time where party guests were able to create their own Coat of Arms! This was a fun princess themed party that both girls and boys could enjoy being a part of!!


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