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Royal Princess Ariel Birthday Party (45 photos)


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This unforgettable princess party was designed specifically for Heather on her 5th Birthday and inspired by “Ariel”, Heather’s favorite princess!

“Chiquita Party Boutique” picked a local spa in the area so the girls would be treated in a very special way, just like princesses! The service was beyond excellent as this company not only took care of everything imaginable but imparted such an individual touch and time. For instance, invitations with the expression, “Once Upon a Time” were sent to each guest, giving it a feel of a story that had just begun. On the envelope, a blue starfish was glued to close it and on the RSVP card, a silhouette of Flounder with all the information.

Heather’s favorite color pink was used and framed with blue and white, to give it a solid and elegant background. Indeed the atmosphere felt relaxing but it was utterly entertaining for all invitees!

A wide array of candies and cookies with delicate wrapping where carefully designed and displayed without losing the marine ambiance proper to Princess Ariel. Dainty little details surprised Heathers’ little friends, as a wide array of candies where offered such as  Goodie bags, jar tags, welcome signs, marshmallows, royal milk chocolates and the entire decor was provided and custom made by Chiquita Party Boutique.

All was personalized to cater to each “princess” but the dresses for each little princess were the highlight of the event as they “modeled” for everyone! Even “Prince Eric” was invited to the party!

Chiquita Party Boutique is a place where you can find beautiful, brilliant custom made ideas for any event and are very chic and elegant. They have a Facebook page where you can see how creative they are..! You will love it!

Vendors and Credits:

• Princess Ariel Dress (Maglovir Boutique, Coral Springs, Fla.)
• Princess Ariel Character (Fairy Land)
• Cake /Cup Cakes (Publix)
• Photography (Mirosleidys-Chiquita Party Boutique)
• Party Decoration and Design (Chiquita Party Boutique)
• Princess Ariel Cookies ( Isabella- Cookies by Design)
• Cake Stand, plates, Glass Jars (Home Goods)
• Sebastian Ornament (Ross)
• Sea Wilton chocolate molds, picture frames ribbons (Michael’s).
• Straws and Plastic Bottles (Shop Lulu)


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