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Fairy Party (31 photos)


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Every little girl's fantasy...a Fairy Party! And that's exactly what Ashlee wanted for her 6th birthday.

For the parties paper elements I designed a fairy silhouette against a background of blended shades of pink, orange and yellow. This color palette was used throughout the party along with a touch of gold.

I created a small dessert table filled with chocolate smarties, marshmallows, jelly beans, raspberry mushrooms, chocolate covers oreos, layered cupcakes and cookie wands. In the centre of the table was a ruffled very first attempt at covering and decorating a cake with fondant! I dressed the table with a light pink table skirt and draped gold fabric on top. For the table's backdrop I used colored paper to craft an array of flowers scattered across a bright pink, fabric background.

I used a store bought cardboard castle and painted and decoratied it to match the party colors. Other party decor included an archway decorated with paper flowers as well as paper flowers attached to bamboo skewers and pushed into the ground. The mass of colorful flowers made a beautiful backdrop for some fun photos.



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