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Superific Superhero Birthday (46 photos)


Ice cream bar toppings. I used the scientific names for all the food and toppings found on the cryogenice experimentation table

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For our son's 3rd birthday we planned a superhero themed party.  Upon arrival the kids received their superhero gear pcks which included a cape, mask, spider webbing (silly string) and their superhero passports.  Throughout the party the children completed five tasks for stamps in their passports as training to become real superheroes.  The five categories were; strength and stability, bravery, kindness and compassion, scientific reasoning and intelligence.  The intelligence challenge was first as they were required to answer a skill testing question to enter the party.  Next came the scientific resoning challenge.  The kids dropped mentos into small diet coke bottles and watched the explosive reaction they created.  Their strength and stability was tested by sending them through an obstacle course.  To show their bravery they had to defeat the evil villain by launching a water balloon attack and finally they received their kindness and compassion stamp for using their manners.


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