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Vintage Train Party (27 photos)


Vintage Train Party Decor by nellie*design :: DIY Train Tracks made from Black Duct Tape

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    crazy question, but what tape did you use for the tracks? did you use it on your hardwood too? i'm afraid to have leftover residue. LOVE all your ideas!

    • August 6, 2013 at 10:17PM
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Check out nellie*design's blog post with all party details and links to purchase Printable Party Invite & Decor here...

I knew I was going to have a train themed party for Fin's 3rd Birthday during Fin's 2nd birthday party when the obsession became most obvious {while opening his gifts and saying "coo coo" over and over!}. The boy loves his "coo coos" {still doesn't have that cha sound down!} So, what's a mama to do! Yeah yeah, he loves his Thomas, like the rest of 'em, but he really loves any locomotive that makes a chugga chugga sound! So, I came up with a vintage train themed party.

Each guest received a Ticket to ride the Finley Express! With spaces to punch the month and day, each guest found when the Train was boarding, err, the party was starting! An interactive Ticket made guest's excited for a fun and nostalgic Train party experience!

At the party, a set of train tracks leading up to the front door, with kid-size Railroad Crossing signs was a sure hit! The birthday boy wore a custom designed t-shirt, using the designs from the printable party package. Red balloons, red & white polkadot paper, red bandanas and train tracks dressed up our house nicely. Each lil' Finley-Express-Passenger received a mini kraft bag filled with Railroad Essentials... a red bandana, wooden train whistle and a custom-wrapped box of crayons. Each bag was labeled with a personalized name tag, and sat nicely in front of a personalized printable banner! Delicious, individually packaged and custom-labeled train cookies were the perfect party favor for guests both young and old! Every detail, down to the water and juice boxes, tied into the look of the party! With custom-designed paper wraps, I was able to spice up something simple, like a bottle of water, and make it just a little more! At the "Hydration Station", printable party tags, signs, wraps & labels tied in all the details. Food label tent cards are a great way of bringing the theme of the party throughout, down to the food! I had so much fun coming up with fun, train-themed lingo for each label... Pumping Pistons Popcorn, Fizzling Fireboxes Fruit, Bubbling Boilers Boilers Birthday cake, to name a few!

Check out my Vintage Train Party Printables in my Etsy Shop, here...


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