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Mickey Mouse Birthday Party (47 photos)


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This was my daughter's Sophie first birthday and the first party I ever decorated. My husband is Brazilian, and in Brazil there is a tradition to celebrate the first birthday BIG! We went to a few birthdays of our friend's children and they were amazing. However I knew that parents spent lots of money which I didn't want to spend. That is how i came up with the idea of doing everything myself. First i looked around the house for the Disney stuff. I have this huge 6ft tall mickey, so he became the centerpiece for the party. I bought lots of stuffed Disney animals at the Trift shop, which litteraly cost me about 50c each. The invites were made out of simple cardstock. i cut out siluet of Mickey's head and attached the red pocket with two white buttons. Inside I put the paper with the details about the party. I chose the colors for the party to be Red, Yellow, Blue and Green. I found  and learned online how to make a balloon arch (balloons are a must on any Brazilian party). The backdrop i painted myself. the toppiary with lollipops was a huge hit among children. I also made the goodie bags. Bought some colorful bags and attached mickey cutouts. Inside I put mickey goodies (candies, watches, pencils, pads etc). I also made the centerpieces for the tables out of simple containers, styrofoam, chennile stems and mickey die cuts. my daughter's dress was made by my sister and my cousin. Everybody loved the party, especially our brazilian guests!


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