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Kite Birthday Party (32 photos)


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Little "E" was so adorable, her mom asked me to do a Kite themed party! The only direction she gave was that the invitation had to be kite shaped so we made an adorable kite shaped invitation and added ribbon as a tail.

We came up with all the decor, colors and food in studio. We made sure to keep all the party details a big surprise to E and her family which was so much fun! At the last second we were told E was totally into "Where's Waldo" books so we decided to hide little Waldo's throughout the paper goods for E to find. There were only about 5 of them so she really had to hunt :)

Theme: Kite party with a touch of barnyard vintage
The party took place in front of an adorable vintage red barn in the park. We wanted to create the story of flying kites in the park with your friends with cloud, sun and sky accents and fresh playful prints!

Color palate: Fresh water color aqua, vintage barn red, off cream white

Food and drinks: I knew I wanted it to feel like a picnic so I created these adorable lunch boxes filled with fresh veggies, pinwheel turkey sandwiches made in-house and milk in plastic jugs. Since we had a similar lunch for the parents with lemonade we made sure to add the white cloud to the cold milk and a sun for the fresh lemonade.

Sweets: Keeping with the whole story of the day we had the most adorable cookies created of white fluffy clouds, bright sunny suns and a variety of kites! A sweet berry tart was the perfect birthday cake for the theme and  of course the cake pops and pie pops came out to play. These cuties were scene stealers with the adorable kites and cloud details! The kids loved pulling them directly out of the real grass we planted and the parents got a kick out of the pie's on sticks!

Decor: The barn was center stage for this event so I wanted to frame it with the sweets table and the food table while allowing it to be the main focus. Having the picnic benches and the lunches in front of it created a fun family atmosphere while everyone was enjoying the day. Hand sewn clouds and a kite were created for charm and they were a big hit! A glitter banner with "Happy Birthday E****" hung on the barn for all of the park to see and painted paper mache 3's and E's were placed on the tables as a tribute to the birthday girl herself celebrating her big day.

Favor boxes: what summer day at a barn does not include berry baskets! Carrying through the aqua, red and white color scheme we created cute berry baskets filled with mini paint sets, a cookie and a mint and blueberry cupcake for the kids to take home. I can't imagine the cookie and cupcake lasted long but I know they were excited about the mini paint set!

San Francisco, CA
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