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Party Decor Ideas:

Fill cylinder-shaped bowls and vases with bright orange vase gems, greenery, white tumbled rocks, and all-white sea shells & coral. Keep the greenery below the rim of the vase to give it the feel of an aquarium.

Display sea-themed bath and beach toys in vases filled with white sand and a mini starfish, and embellish the vase with ribbon.

Set out a pair of pint-sized, beach baby flip-flops!

To create a fun & unique centerpiece for your food or drinks table (and a guaranteed conversation piece!), display a unique bottle drying rack - like the ultra-mod, eye-catching Splash Bottle Drying Rack from Skip Hop™ (in blue or white) - on a simple white cake stand. Decorate a few baby bottles and add the to the drying rack. A bright orange feeding spoon - like this Squirt spoon from boon - will add a nice pop of your accent color to the arrangement. Accent the base of the cake stand with color-coordinating pacifiers and/or drink umbrellas.

Display sea-themed feeding sets and other stylish baby products like bright orange and white utensils, contemporary plates, and fun snack container sets - all throughout the party. Group them alongside your cylinder vase gem arrangements, on wall or book shelves, on coffee and side tables, and on food and drink tables. This is a fun, easy way to tie several areas of the room(s) together, and all of these items will double as a gift for mom after the shower!

Embellish craft letters with patterned blue and white ribbon and bright orange buttons. Use them to spell out the words like "BABY", "MOM" or baby's name.

Use a color-coordinating toddler beach chairs and beach balls to accent the gift table or other areas of the party.

Wooden sea and boat themed elements - like the sailboat wheel pictured above - look great displayed on the chair or hung from your door as a greeting for your guests when they arrive. These wooden elements can be painted white or left natural for a more rustic feel. Embellish with ribbon, stickers, and buttons as desired.

Embellish silver or white pails with ribbon and buttons, and use them as holders for utensils or straws and drink stirrers.

For party favors, fill favor bags with peppermint or orange mint (white with orange speckles) lifesaver candies, mini tubes of sunscreen (travel-sized tubes at Target are around $1 each), and inexpensive lip balm - all in keeping with the beach theme. Decorate the bags with beach-themed scrapbook stickers (we used the Anna Griffin "Alix Tiles" from Michael's) and ribbon, and add gift tags if desired.

Other ideas not pictured:

Display mini sand castles or other sea-themed sand shapes that you can find molds for - such as a seal or boat - inside of clear glass vases or shallow bowls.

Serve goldfish crackers and pretzels as snacks.

Set out bowls of themed candies - such as gummy sharks and swedish fish.

Fill the drinks table with beverages that match your decor, such as Blueberry Pomegranate and Valencia Orange Hansen's Sparkling, which comes in sleek silvery-white cans that have a fun splash of blue and orange dots as accents. For a mom-to-be friendly signature drink idea, serve these drinks in champagne flutes or wine glasses and add a splash of pineapple juice or orange juice to the Valencia Orange or pomegranate juice to the Blueberry Pomegranate flavor. Garnish each drink with either a pineapple and orange wedge or a blueberry skewer.