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Party Decor Ideas:

Frame pictures of sleeping babies (stock photos purchased online or images cut from magazines). Punch moon and star shapes from cardstock using a craft punch and use them to decorate the frames and images.

Use baby pajamas, baby blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals as party decor.

Display new and classic bedtime story books throughout the party using small display easels/plate stands.

Hang a crib mobile that coordinates with your party decor over the gift, beverage, or buffet table.

Embellish baby bottles with a band of ribbon and a paper moon/star punch wrapped around the center of the bottles, then use them as "vases" for flower arrangements embellished with moon/star inserts. To create the inserts, cut different shapes of stars and crescent moons from colored cardstock, then glue the shapes to the very top of wooden skewers. Cut the skewers to different lenghts to vary the heights, and insert them into the decorated bottles amidst a few stems of white tulips or mums.

Create a "Milk and Cookies" dessert buffet with several different types of cookies and individually-sized milk bottles or cartons. Tie a  straw to each bottle or carton with colorful ribbon. Use pillows as pedestals to give height to serving trays.


Party Favor Ideas:

• Small boxes of a "sleepy time" or bedtime themed tea paired with honey sticks and a gift tag that reads "Sweet Dreams, Little One". (These are good to send home with party guests - but make sure to check if the tea is safe for pregnant/nursing moms before sending mom-to-be home with a box!)

• Sleep Masks embellished with a bow and gift tag that reads "Sleep tight...don't let the bed bugs bite!"


Stock Photography -
The Going to Bed Book  & Pajama Time Set -
Good Night Moon, Good Night, Gorilla, Good Night God, and Good Night, Baby - all available at