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Party Decor Ideas:
• Decorate glittery chipboard letters with adhesive rhinestones, then display them in unique frames. (Check discount stores for cool frames at fabulous prices!)

• Set rhinestone-embellished pacifiers and diamond-shaped crystal paperweights all throughout the party - on food tables, beverage displays, etc.

• Embellish contemporary vases with rhinestone words such as "precious", "baby boy", or "baby girl".

• Offer guests fun, themed party favors such as shimmery lip glosses and rhinestone embellished favor tins filled with candy. Frame a little sign next to the party favors that says "Help yourself to some Bling!".

• Hang rhinestone-studded baby onesies up as party decor that doubles as a gift for mom-to-be!

• Fill a jar with acrylic diamond vase gems and have guests try to "guess the amount of bling". Whoever guesses closest to the correct number wins a fun themed prize - such as shimmery body lotion, an oversize diamond shaped crystal paper weight, or a rhinestone-studded compact!