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The Centerpiece:
• Decorate mod mini vases with baby-themed rhinestone stickers. Set the mini vases on decorative paper embellished with colorful mini rhinestones and use glittery chipboard letters to spell out words such as "bling", "baby", and "mom".
• Embellish pacifiers with rhinestones. To make life easy, use self-adhesive rhinestones or pre-made rhinestone stickers that you can just peel and stick!
• Set small, tight bunches of flowers (or a single oversize bloom such as the hydrangea pictured here) on either side of your main centerpiece to help fill the table. Wrap the vase with decorative paper that coordinates with your place settings.

Place Settings:
• Use decorative scrapbook paper as placemats. Alternate 2-3 patterns to mix things up!
• To create napkin rings, cut 1.5" tall strips of your patterned paper, secure them around your napkins, and top the design off with a themed sticker that matches your design.
• Embellish the base of regular or plastic utensils with adhesive rhinestones.