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Choosing party decor for your Bubbly Ducky Brunch is a cinch - just pick up some items that you’d normally need for a baby at bathtime (in colors that match the theme) - like towels, baby shampoo, lotion & powder, etc - then stack the towels and arrange the toiletries in decorative groups.

A pint-sized baby bathrobe is a very appropriate and adorable touch - and doubles as a gift for baby-to-be! You can usually find duck-themed or yellow bathrobes at Target, Babies-R-Us, or most baby apparel stores. Duck-themed bibs, onesies, and washcloths make great additions to your party decór as well! (The robe, bib, solid white and yellow towels, and baby toiletries pictured here were all purchased in one quick trip to Target!)

For a unique decorative idea, create faux “floating bubbles” by hanging small styrofoam balls and glass bubbles (with hanging hole) from transparent thread or fishing wire. This works great from a high doorway, chandelier, or stair banister.

More decorative ideas:

  1. Fill small bowls or dishes (like the cool Ice Blue Satelitte Dishes pictured at right) with solid blue, yellow, and white candies - such as m&m’s or jelly bellys. Make sure to stick to only thecolors in your theme! You can buy bulk m&m’s and jelly bellys in several different colors online at or
  2. Incorporate an actual bath mat! For the centerpiece of the coffee table in our shower pictured here, we used an actual clear bath mat as the “tablecloth”, then set a stack of towels, some candies, and a simple vase on top of it. Super cute!
  3. Don’t forget the “decorative” guest of honor! Scatter rubber duckies throughout your party decor - near the food, next to floral arrangements, on top of towels, etc. The more the merrier!
  4. A baby bathtub or Munchkin Duck Bathtub (see “suggested products” at right) would be adorable as a beverage cooler! Just fill with ice and your favorite soda, water or bottled drinks.

{photography by Smith-Studios}