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– Instead of a traditional linen covered table, we used a natural wood table top for the hot coco bar and a fuzzy blanket as a linen on the dessert table top.
– Incorporating sweater textures in more than just the table linens, we displayed desserts on dishware with a knit sweater texture.
– To add height and dimension we elevated plates and dishes on upside down cups and bowls, rectangular block vases and candle sticks. 
– Wood slice platters added to the rustic, woodland vibe.
– A printable "Baby" pennant banner was hung between two dowels, supported in two mason jars filled with white sand and elevated on white candle sticks. 
– Printable party signs were framed and displayed on a slice of wood and a basket to add height. 
– Rectangular vases were wrapped in printable patterned paper and rattle silhouettes embellished with white buttons.
– Yarn balls, yarn ball pacifiers, manzanita branches, tiny booties, glittered pacifiers, and lanterns with yellow yarn ball "lights", a sweater wrapped cone tree, and an "H" decorated with printables and ric rac were placed on both table displays for extra decor.
– Custom printable food labels were placed in front of certain food items so that guests knew the flavor of the dessert.



– We used yellow and white striped curtains as a backdrop. 
– To enhance the backdrop we made garlands out of various sized party circles (cut from aqua and mint green papers and glued to yellow and white bakers twine).



– Gourmet boxed lunches were wrapped in white napkings, tied with safety pins and embellished with a "Bundles of Joy For Your Tummy" tag.  
– Each box was filled with a gourmet sandwich, green salad, and cup of seasonal fruit.



Hot Chocolate Station:
– Mugs trimmed in yellow ric rac were pre-filled with hot cocoa powder were displayed on aqua and mint green party circles 
– Each mug had a stirrer stick embellished with a mint green button.
– We used an insulated pitcher filled with hot water so that all the guests had to do was add hot water to their mug for instant hot cocoa! 
– Guests were able to customize their hot cocoa with fun toppings including crushed Reese's peanut butter cups, butterscotch chips, dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and rock candy swizzle sticks which were all displayed in aqua berry baskets. 
– We also had hazelnut pirouette cookies, chocolate chips meringues, and carmel meringues for added sweetness!


The desserts were super simple and cost-effective. They included:

– A white platter with vanilla cupcakes on a bed of yellow nonpareil sprinkles.
– Pistachio and vanilla pudding shooters with an oatmeal cookie center layer.
– Baking cups filled with carmel corn and muddy buddies (chocolate, peanut butter and powered sugar coated rice cereal).
– Hazelnut macaroons displayed simply in a white dish.
– Chocolate pudding samplers with an oreo cookie bottom layer and snowflake sprinkles which had spoons that were adorned with mint green buttons.


DIAPER CAKE tutorial:

– Tightly roll Huggies diapers and secure with rubber bands. (We used 1 pack of 40-count size 1 diapers for this cake)
– Take a basket and place 2 wooden blocks (one stacked on top of the other and secured with glue dots) in the middle of the basket. 
– Surround the blocks with the rolled diapers and tightly wrap them with a strip of yellow fabric and white chenille yarn.
– Surround the basket with a layer of rolled diapers and tightly wrap around them with a strip of yellow fabric and white chenille yarn.
– Place a lantern on the top of the wooden box and secure it with glue dots. Place a yellow yarn ball inside the lantern as a "light". 
– Embellish the tiers with printable silhouettes and glittered pacifiers using glue dots and your done!
– We displayed our diaper cake on a table draped in a sweater blanket with a yellow and white striped fabric backdrop that had an aqua and mint green party circle paper garland made from circle punches and bakers twine.



– Theme styling & design: Hostess with the Mostess® 
– Party Printables (available here): Hostess with the Mostess®

– Theme Partner: Huggies