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Cirque du Bebe (French Circus)

Themed Centerpiece Ideas:

Feature animal statues & figurines in your centerpieces and party decor, and opt for pieces that are all one color for a contemporary vibe. Search for dark metal finishes, or paint wooden statues and figurines to match the party's color palette.

*Note: Discount stores like HomeGoods, Marshalls, and Ross are great places to search for  inexpensive decorative pieces that you can paint/modify without feeling guilty!


Create eclectic, circus-inspired groupings. 
Instead of a traditional centerpiece, group various items that play on the theme in different ways to add creative appeal.

For example, in the second image above, the elephant figurine and baroque-inspired candlestick were both inexpensive purchases from HomeGoods that we painted blue & orange to match the party.  To add height to this arrangement, the elephant figure was placed on top of the candlestick. We also added a zebra-striped melamine plate on top of the candlestick to create a good base for the elephant.

To the right of the elephant, a monkey tea light holder from target "holds" a ceramic cup & decorative mirror ball combo that's reminiscent of an ice cream cone. 3-D glue dots were used to hold the "ice cream cone" in place.

The wooden placemats were another great HomeGoods discovery. We purchased 2 different styles and painted them blue, orange, and golden yellow to match the party.


Incorporate Feathers
Giant "Feather Trees" made from large, colorful ostrich plumes make for a very fun, impactful centerpiece idea - and they're actually easy to make! Click here for all the how-to details for the feather trees pictured here.

Smaller ostrich plumes (about 12" - 15") are great for mixing into centerpieces as well. For the centerpieces in the bottom 2 images, we placed "feather palm tree" tops made from the smaller plumes into a simple glass cylinder vase that was covered with black & white striped paper and ribbon. This arrangement was then placed on top of a cool white Elephant Vase from Z Gallerie, although it could easily stand on its own as well!

(All of the feathers at this party were purchased at


Frame it.
Printed signs are one of the easiest ways to play up (and personalize) any party theme, as well as a great addition to most types of centerpieces. We framed several custom prints for this party (all designed in Adobe Photoshop) - and displayed them in cool frames that ranged from mod-minimalist (white lacquer) to ornate & decorative.  The ornate frames were all discount store buys, and most were painted shiny silver or bright orange to match the party palette.