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Due Date Baby Shower

1. Create mod rows of baby bottles filled with rolled printed napkins and white lifesavers or other monochromatic candies that match your color scheme! This is an inexpensive way to decorate the room - so go all out and find surface areas to create really long rows - such as the entire length of the buffet, appetizer, or drink tables. If your setting is a living or family room, the fire place mantle or wall ledges are great spots for bottle rows as well!

2. Adorn the party with more "due dates" - using sponge, foam, or wooden numbers (or a combination of all 3!). Create one "stand out" due date using very large numbers in an obvious area such as the coffee or gift table. You can use wooden letters from your local craft supply, or special-order fancier number shapes online. At several different types of fonts, materials, colors, and sizes of numbers are available to choose from - so you can customize mom-to-be's due date to perfectly match your theme! Arrange the numbers next to a contemporary vase holding your prettiest floral arrangement.

3. Embellish cocktail glasses or champagne flutes with number stickers. Display the glasses in neat rows so that the due date looks correct before guests start to grab them. Once the glasses are in use, it's okay that each guest will have an individual number – and actually a good thing – as the different numbers will act as drink "tags" to help guest keep their drinks straight. If possible, use a few different colors of the number stickers to help differentiate the glasses even more.

4. Create "candy pacifiers" from Pep-O-Mint Lifesavers and brightly colored jelly bellys. To make the pacifiers, simply hot-glue 2 of the lifesavers together in a perpendicular fashion. Next, chop off the end of a jelly belly so it's a shorter and has one straight edge. Hot glue the straight edge to the center of the top lifesaver, and voila! (Just remember to warn guests that they're not actually edible!)

5. Brightly colored serving dishes and rows of Izze soda make great accents for your appetizer and drink displays.