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Due Date Baby Shower

Set the tone for your Due Date shower by first selecting some fun printed partyware in bold colors and printed partyware. You'll need printed lunch napkins, cocktail napkins, and ideally coordinating appetizer/dessert plates - as well as solid main meal & salad plates.

It's okay to use pastels as accents to bright, bold colors - but try to stay away from the typical pastel pink & blue palette. For example, if mom is a really loves pink and is having a girl, try mixing pastel pink with a very eye-catching fuschia and splashes of  bright orange.

Don't be afraid to mix your plastic/paper partyware with real dishware and eating utensils! If you have a lot of guests, this will help to keep the party affordable and make  clean-up easier as well. In the party images shown here, we used "real"  tumblers and dinner plates, plastic salad plates/bowls, paper napkins, and "traditional look" forks and knives, which look like the real thing even though they're actually faux! Tie your eating utensils together with simple ribbon, embellished with a candy pacifier and place them directly in the center of the plates. (see party decor for instructions on how to make the candy pacifiers).  

To liven up the place settings even more,  give each guest their own bottle of Izze soda in a color that coordinates with your theme. (Izze soda is available in several colors at most grocery or beverage stores, so you should be able to find something that works!)

The Centerpiece
For the Due Date centerpiece, you'll need baby bottles, candy pacifiers, foam or sponge numbers, and modular wall cubes or shelves, such as the L-shaped shelf pictured here.

First, open up a few of your printed napkins and lay them down to create setting area for your centerpiece. Arrange the wall shelves/cubes to your liking in the center of the napkins, then attach more napkins or some coordinating scrapbook paper to the backside of the wall shelf with craft glue or double-stick tape.

Next, find a good spot  on the shelves to showcase your foam or sponge numbers. You can spread the numbers out to make everything fit, but be sure to show the entire due date - month, day and year. All of the sponge numbers pictured here were attached to the shelf  with rolled scotch tape.

Finally, decorate the centerpiece with baby bottles and candy pacifiers. Fill the bottles with the printed napkins (just roll & trim the napkins to fit) and white lifesaver candies. Set the bottles on colored paper or adhesive sticker circles to make sure they stand out against the color of the shelf.