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Go Baby Go! Baby Shower



Instead of a traditional dessert table, we focused on a creative display for healthy bites!

– All white square dishes along with red boxes and shelves were used to display the food, drinks and desserts. The boxes and stacked cube shelves added necessary height variation to the table.
– We lined some of the trays and shelves with our printable patterned paper to add dimension and fun pops of color.
– Cylinder vases in various sizes were embellished with patterned paper strips, ribbons, and yarn to prop up modern toys like cars, planes, and trucks.



– The backdrop was created from strands of blue crepe paper that were attached to a hanging curtain rod using scotch tape. We also taped down the bottom end of each strand to the wall using masking tape; these ends were covered by the table. Tip: If you don't have a curtain rod to hang the streamers from, just use painters tape to attach each strand to the wall, then cover the tape with with a strand of the crepe paper turned horizontally using double sided tape.

– For the hanging "clouds", styrofoam balls in various sizes were covered with white yarn. We assembled 3 balls in a "cloud" shape and attached them by "spearing" bamboo skewers through them and adding dabs of hot glue to ensure no slippage. The clouds were hung from strands of white yarn.

–To make the paper airplanes pictured in the backdrop, cut the printable patterned paper into 5x7" pieces. Glue 2 sheets back to back using a glue stick or double sided tape. Fold the paper hamburger style then fold back two of the corners until they align with the bottom fold. Next, fold down the "wings" so that the top edge of the paper meets the original fold. Glue yarn in between the wings and hang them from the curtain rod at staggering heights in between the clouds.



Airplane Shaped Chicken Sandwiches:
We used a cookie cutter to cut homemade chicken salad sandwiches into the shapes of airplates! Each airplane had a pick in it with our printable party flags that read "Precious Cargo".

Vroom Vroom Veggies:
A fresh baguette was sliced an angle on one side and flat on the other side, then hollowed out the middle. Sliced veggies were added, including red and yellow bell peppers, carrots and snap peas. Each veggie bunch was topped off with a dollop of ranch dip.

Stoplight Caprese Salad:
Cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls, and basil leaves skewered with button-topped toothpicks.

Stop Light Soda:
Blackberries, sliced grapes, pineapples, and strawberries were layered into a collins glass, then filled each glass with ginger ale. (You can use any type of clear sparkling soda.) Each drink was garnished with a festive "Fuel Up" party flag drink stirrer.

Stop Light Smoothie Shooters:
We poured Naked Juice "smoothies" in 3 different flavors into shot glasses to create a "green light", a "yellow light", and a "red light" , then lined them up in traditional "traffic light" order for a creative, stoplight inspired presentation. These "smoothie flights" are fun addition to the table and a healthy option for guests!


The desserts were super simple and cost-effective. They included:

Light & Fluffy Cloud Parfaits:
Blue raspberry Jello and Cool Whip layered to look like clouds in a glass.

Spare Tires:
Mini chocolate covered donuts with printable party square picks that had images of trucks on them.

Frosted Cloud Cupcakes:
Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and light blue non pariels and embellished with printable 2" party circle cupcake toppers.


– Tightly roll Huggies diapers and secure with rubber bands. (We used 1 pack of 40-count size 1 Little Snugglers diapers for this cake)
– Stack the diapers in a photo box and then a smaller wooden box as shown in the images above. (We used a floating wall box for the smaller box)
– Cut six 2" circles out of the yellow chevron patterned paper using a 2" circle punch.
– Using a 3/4" circle punch, cut out 6 circles in the red and blue chevron patterned paper.
– Take 6 red buttons and glue them to the 3/4" circles then glue those circles to the middle of the 2" circles to create the truck's "wheels".
– Glue each "wheel" to a rolled diaper and place 4 beneath the trailer part of the truck and the other two beneath the cab of the truck as shown in the images above.
– Attach a printable yield sign silhouette to the "trailer" part of cake and cut out a "windshield" out of the printable cloud patterned paper then trim it with red ric rac and attach it to the small wooden box using glue dots and a hot glue gun.
– Trim the "trailer" with a ribbon for an added embellishment and your done!



Click hereto download thechair backs, notecards & decorative silhouettes from the Go Baby Go! party printables.

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– Theme styling, design, & party printables: Hostess with the Mostess
– Theme Partner: Huggies