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Go Baby Go! Baby Shower



"Go Baby, Go!" THEME:
This "Go Baby Go" baby shower is filled with modern and fun things that GO – like cars, trucks, planes, and scooters! Primary colors, button accents, yarn elements, and simple crafts like homemade paper airplanes create a playful and inviting environment. The healthy and colorful food display is literally a fresh spin on the oh so common dessert table that often leaves guests feeling over indulged. And we cannot forget to mention the clever truck-shaped diaper cake made from extra-soft Little Snugglers diapers from Huggies.

The paper details played a huge part in bringing the theme to life. And guess what… if you'd like to throw a "Go Baby, Go!" shower for your favorite mom-to-be too, we've got good news for you: in addition to the party details described below, you can download the chair backs, notecards & decorative silhouettes for FREE, courtesy of Huggies! Scroll down to the bottom of the page to access the download links.

This printable collection includes over 20 different elements – everything from bottle wraps and favor tags to silhouettes, decorative prints, truck shaped notecards, and more! You can print them at home or at a local or online print shop. (We typically print ours at Fedex Office via their online printing tool.)



Centerpiece Details:
– The table runner "road" was made from cut gray fabric and little strips of our printable yellow chevron paper that were used as the "divider lines". We sewed the edges of the fabric to give it more of a finished look, but you can also just fold and iron the edges or use fabric tape to achieve a finished look without the sewing!
– The "stoplight" centerpiece was created by spray painting the an inexpensive photo storage box black (minus the lid) and propping it up vertically on a cylinder vase wrapped in black fabric. For the traffic "lights" we wrapped styrofoam balls in red, yellow, and blue and secured the yarn ends with a dab of hot glue. The yarn balls were then hot glued to the inside of the box.
– Next to the stoplight sat a modern toy truck carrying a baby bottle in its truck bed. The bottle was embellished with yarn and patterned paper and held a printable "BABY ON BOARD" sign that was glued to a bamboo skewer.
– A printable party sign reading "Enjoy the Ride, Baby!" and extra yarn balls completed the centerpiece

Place Setting Details:
– Bamboo utensils painted in yellow and red.
–Chargers that were spray painted yellow + everyday white plates.
– Small glass baby bottle party favors embellished with yarn and buttons & filled with blue and white candy. Each little bottle rested on a printable square "thank you" tag.
– Aqua napkins + printable patterned paper paired with 2" party circles for the rings.
– Luggage tag place cards tied onto the chair backs with yarn. Instead of the featuring the guest's name we kept it simple by labeling the guest of honor's tag "Mommy" and all of the other guests's tags were labeled "A Lovely Guest". You could customize the tags with each guest's name if you do want the guests to have an assigned seat.


Note: All of the paper elements mentioned below are included in the printable collection!

– Printable "Go and make your mark on the world, Baby!" sign displayed in a white frame decorated with buttons.
– A paper party garland made from printable party circles and transportation themed onesie silhouettes that were glued to baker's twine.
– Red and white shadow box wall shelves ($15/set of 3 at Target) were lined with printable patterned paper and used to display yarn balls, party signs and street sign silhouettes.
– A modern toy car was embellished with a little "go baby go" flag banner that we hot-glued to a bamboo skewer.
– More strips of the printable yellow chevron patterned paper were used to create another "road" surface on the bottom of the hutch.


This "Wishing Road" activity doubles as a thoughtful keepsake for mom!

– Pre-decorate a foam ring by wrapping it with strips of black fabric. Using the yellow chevron printable patterned paper cut "road dividers" and glue them to the fabric wrapped ring.
– During the baby shower, have each guest write a message to mom/baby on a printable truck shaped card. (These are included in the collection).
–After the guests have filled out their cards, tape or glue each one to a toothpick and stick it in the foam ring. It will look like trucks are driving around the "road"! Have mom hold up the finished "traffic-filled" road for a cute keepsake photo that she can treasure along with the hand-written notes!


Click here to download thechair backs, notecards & decorative silhouettes from the Go Baby Go! party printables.

The rest of the collection is available for purchase in our online party printables shop, where we also have additional PERSONALIZED matching items available - such as custom invitations, name banners, food labels, and more! Click here to check out the available custom items.


– Theme styling, design, & party printables: Hostess with the Mostess
– Theme Partner: Huggies