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It's Game Time Football Party




Referee Stripe Table Cover:
– Make a bold statement by covering your main buffet table with inexpensive stripes of black crate paper to mimic the look of a referee's jersey.
– Simply measure out strips of your crate paper to the length of your table spacing them out about an inch and then taping the ends underneath the table.

Retro TV and Dueling Helmets Centerpiece:
– Included in our printable collection are silhouettes of football helmets and a retro TVs. We cut them out by hand and attached them to wooden blocks for support. They were used as the focal point for our food table.
– To add an extra retro element we painted 2 dowels black, glued black pom poms to the tops and then attached them to the back of the silhouette.
– For even more fun make metallic tissue cheerleader pom poms and display them in a bud vase filled with black beans!
– We used metallic tissue fringed table skirts to make ours: Simply cut the tissue strands so that they are not attached to the skirt anymore. Take 10-15 of strands and tie them at the center using a matching yarn or string. Make 2-3 of these bundles. Glue the center of one of the bundles to a dowel then take another bundle and glue it on top of the previous bundle but turn it 90 degrees so that the tassels hang down in a different direction than the first bundle. (To make your cheerleader pom pom even fuller add a third bundle.) Trim the strands to the same length and you're done!

Game Time Banner:
– We used our printable "Game Time" banner to adorn the front of our food table. You can print your own and cut it out using a straight edge cutter. Fold down the flaps at the top of each pennant, string black yarn between the flaps and secure it to the back of the pennant with tape. String it across the front of your table and secure each end of the yarn string with a piece of tape.



Pick Your Personality Drink Station:
– Because every guest at parties have different personalities we created printable character tags.
– We attached the tags to cups so that guests can easily identity their drink and also to pins so that guests can wear them as badges of honor.
– We created a party sign displayed next to the tags that was the used as the key so that guests knew what "The Fumbler", "The Stockpiler", etc. was and could identify themselves accordingly.

– In addition to the cups we had water bottles and orange soda displayed on a tiered stand for a stadium seating affect. We wrapped the orange soda cans in pieces of astroturf to create an unexpected cozy.
– The water bottles were also customized with our printable bottle wraps.

Balloon Backdrop:
– We created a very festive backdrop using balloons and metallic tissue tassels behind our drink station display.
– To recreate this backdrop buy at least 3 types of balloons. We used standard sized black and silver balloons and black water balloons. We filled all the balloons at  home using a disposable helium tank. Fill the balloons with different amounts of air to create size variation. Once your balloons are blown up attach them to a board or wall using heavy duty glue dots. Place the glue dot right under the tied end. of the balloon and stick it to the board or wall.
– To add cheerful element attach metallic tissue tassels the board or wall as well.

– To make our tissue tassel we used metallic tissue fringed table skirts. Simply cut the tissue strands so that they are not attached to the skirt anymore. Take 10-15  strands and tie them at the center using a matching yarn or string. Make 2 of these bundles. Create an "X" out of 2 bundles and glue the centers together. Pin the tassels to the wall using a push pin. Manipulate the tassels so that the strands cover the push pin.
– Place these throughout the backdrop in between the balloons for added sparkle and fun texture.




– Guests love having fun and interactive activities to do at parties and photo booths are the perfect way to accomplish that.
– We had referee striped backdrop with lots of fun props for the guests to use during the party. You can easily make your own props by using our printable silhouettes and glueing them to dowels or attaching paper handles on the back so that the guests can hold them in the photos.

Photobooth Referee Striped Backdrop:
– We hung black and white strips of fabric from a free standing backdrop stand. (To save money on the fabric we recommend buying white and black top sheets in a full size.) Every 3 inches cut a slit in the fabric and then tear it the rest of the way. Once you have all of your strips we suggest ironing them for a crisp look.
– Next, loop each piece about 5 inches over the top bar on the backdrop stand. Using a sewing pin, pin the fabric together to secure it over the bar. Continue this until you fill the entire backdrop stand with strips.



– When guests walked into the party they were greeted with a small white paper box of crunch and munch. The box was adorned with our custom printable Thank You tags and a whistle necklace that was tied on with bakers twine.



– Theme styling & design: Hostess with the Mostess®
– Party Printables (available here): Hostess with the Mostess®

– Theme Partner: Tyson