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Modern Alphabet Baby Shower

Set out foam or wooden alphabet letters throughout the party, in groups such as "ABC", "LMNOP", and "XYZ".

Decorate party favors with alphabet stickers.

Use contemporary-looking baby toys that feature the letters of the alphabet, such as the items pictured above, as party decór.

Tie home-made "drink charms" onto the stems of cocktail glasses (used to serve "mocktails" or sparkling cider"). Punch circles from solid-colored card stock and embellish them with  the baby's first initial, or the letters of the alphabet - which makes a cute drink display when the glasses are all lined up in rows, in order of the alphabet.

Repeat the table centerpiece idea throughout other areas of the party: wrap various sizes boxes with solid, brightly colored gift wrap and embellish each package with a wide strip of one of the other paper colors so that they all coordinate well. Add a large foam or wooden letter to each of the packages, and arrange them together to make a cute display!