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Showered with Love: Baby Girl




– Instead of a traditional dessert table, we focused on a creative display for a sweet brunch buffet!

– All white, scalloped dishes were used for most of the food, and white candlesticks and upside down bowls acted as "pedestals" to add height to some of the dishes.

Food Dishes included:
– Strawberries cut into the shape of hearts
– Watermelon Cubes
– Mini Quiche
– Maple bacon skewers
– Strawberry yogurt parfaits garnished with strawberry granola
– Cinnamon Rolls
– Powdered donut "cloud" garnished with fabric flowers (tutorial here)
– Stacks of silver dollar sized pancakes & waffles – These are actually store-bought frozen pancakes & waffles but still tasted great! This meant less time in the kitchen + perfectly shaped pancakes. A win-win in our book. :) Stacks were held together with printable party flags on toothpicks & DIY mini pacifier/button toothpicks



– A pink toddler sheet (purchased at Target) was used for the backdrop. (Purchasing an inexpensive sheet set is often less expensive than renting a linen or purchasing yards of fabric! This sheet set was $15).

Tip: If you don't have a curtain rod to hang the sheet from, just use strong tape like duct tape or painters tape to attach the sheet to the wall, then cover the tape with paper or felt clouds secured with pins or glue dots.

– We cut cloud and raindrop shapes from large sheets of felt then stuffed them with quilt batting. (DIY tutorial for these coming soon.) As a quick & easy alternative to these sewn clouds, just hang flat cloud and raindrop shapes cut from felt or craft foam.



– DIY umbrella stir sticks made from hand-cut silhouettes + bamboo skewers

– Champagne glasses flutes pre-filled with sparkling soda

– Pink and red mixer options that guests can choose from to create their sparkling drink of choice!

– "Juice bottles" (which are actually recycled starbucks Frappucino bottles)  were set out as an option to the sparkling drinks - for use if guests prefer straight juice to a sparkling drink. The bottles were decorated with printable labels, ribbon, and and stripy straws.

– "Sparkling Drink Station" sign embellished with strands of paper raindrops

– Pink and red glittered pacifiers hanging from the backdrop



The homemade desserts were super simple and cost-effective. The included:

– Frosted cloud shaped sugar cookies decorated with white nonpareils.
I made the cloud shaped cookie cutter myself from a soda can using this tutorial. It was surprisingly easy to make, but remember to be careful of the sharp edges!

– A store-bought red velvet cake decorated with DIY toppers: glittered hearts attached to bamboo sticks cut to various heights + a printable party flag. A couple extra fabric flowers sat at the base of the cake.



– Tightly roll Huggies diapers and secure with rubber bands. ( We used 2 packs of 40-count size 1 diapers for this cake)

– Bundle the diapers into 2 large circles, one medium circle, and 2 smaller circles, as shown in the images above.

– Tie a white ribbon or fishing wire tightly around each group to secure the circles.

– Cover the ribbon/fishing wire with strips of white felt + rick rack and buttons, then arrange the circles into a cloud shape.

– Fill in any gaps in the cloud with extra rolled diapers.

– Attach a printable umbrella silhouette + diaper cake sign (embellished with paper raindrops) to wooden dowels, and insert the dowels into the cake, making sure to choose snug spots.

– Optional: add a few felt raindrops in front of the cloud so it looks like it's "raining"!



Click the following links to download the Showered with Love - Pink & Red free sample printables including the Nail Sign, Drink Sign & Cloud Food Lables:

– Showered with Love FREE Printables


– Theme styling & design: Hostess with the Mostess® 
– Theme Partner: Huggies