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Showered with Love: Baby Girl



This "Showered with Love" baby shower is filled with girlie, rain-inspired details like sequin embellished umbrellas, fluffy felt clouds, and paper raindrops. A charming "baby sweetness" was introduced through glittery pacifiers, buttons, cute elephants spraying heart-shaped raindrops, and a cloud shaped diaper cake made from extra-soft Little Snugglers diapers from Huggies.

The paper details played a huge part in bringing the theme to life. And guess what… if you'd like to shower your favorite mom-to-be with love as well, we've got good news for you: in addition to the party details described below, you can purchase the entire Pink & Red Showered with Love collection in our Shop! We also have free sample printables for download including the Nail Sign, Drink Sign & Cloud Food Lables (Scroll to download!). 



Centerpiece Details:
– Ceramic rain boots* (purchased at Michaels), spray painted pink and embellished with sequin trim, rick rack, and paper clouds and raindrops.
– The boots acted as a "vase" for red tulips. A glass filled with water for the flowers was hidden inside.
– Under the boots: a craft foam sheet cut in the shape of a cloud (drawn freehand then hand-cut)
– Pink & red glittered plastic pacifiers
– Bubble umbrella embellished with ribbon trims and paper "stripes" hung from a hook in the ceiling.
Note: Don't have a hook above the table? No problem - decorated umbrellas can be hung anywhere in the party space!)

Helpful Tabletop Tips:
– If you can't find ceramic rain boots, this centerpiece can also be accomplished using regular pink or red rain boots! If you choose to go that route, purchase the boots in mom's size and use removable glue dots for the embellishments so that the rain boots can double as a gift for mom after the shower!
– If your shower is large and you have multiple tables, you can always just feature this centerpiece at mom-to-be's table, then place simpler, very cost-expensive centerpieces at the other tables. For example:

  • Mini bunches of tulips or baby's breath embellished with rick rack or sequin trim
  • Paper clouds attached to bamboo sticks inserted into cylinders filled with foam + strands of paper rain drops suspended from fishing wire

Place Setting Details:
– Bamboo utensils embellished with rick rack and buttons.
– Paper silhouettes peeking out from the left side of the plate (in lieu of chargers)
– Bottled water with printable labels reading "Raindrops"
– Shower gel favors with "Showered with Love" favor tags. We found the favor bottles at Target and filled them with shower gel
– Pink napkins + sequin ribbon used as "Napkin rings"
– Hand-cut cloud shaped place cards.
Instead of the featuring the guest name only, the place cards feature phrases: "Mommy loves me", "Grandma loves me", "[Insert Guest Name] loves me", etc. – as a play on the common phrase you see on baby shirts and onesies.
– Handmade felt raindrops embellished with felt heart stickers and buttons hung from each guest chair. Mom's chair held 2 raindrops - one big and one small - to represent mom and baby! Not a seamstress or short on time? Just use flat felt for the raindrops!


Note: All of the paper elements mentioned below are included in the printable collection!

– Printable signs displayed in red and white frames. (All signs are included in printable collection and vary in size.)

– A garland made from party circles, paper clouds, and adhesive rhinestones (Rhinestones were placed back to back to keep them in place.)

– Elephant statues (found at HomeGoods) were painted pink and white and decorated with strips cut from the edge of the fitted sheet that came with the sheet used for the table backdrop. DIY paper umbrellas made from umbrella tip silhouettes + wooden dowels were attached to the elephants with 3D glue dots.

– Fabric flowers used by as-is or attached to bamboo stick "stems".

– Acrylic pacifiers and wooden heart chips covered in red and pink craft glitter. (The pacifiers at many craft stores or online).

– A large wooden letter (featuring the baby or mom's first initial) covered with patterned paper, glittered hearts, and buttons.



Wishing Cloud Details:
This activity doubles as a thoughtful keepsake for mom!

– Have each guest write a message to mom/baby on a printable cloud-shaped raindrop (included in the collection).

– Pre-decorate a felt or paper cloud with ribbon strands.

– Provide mini clothespins they can use to attach their note to the cloud, so that it looks like the cloud is "raining"! (We found glittered clothespins in the scrapbook aisle at Michaels. You can also find them online.

– We glittered heart-shaped craft chips (available at most craft stores) and used a glue dot to attach them to pens.

– Put the note cards in a keepsake scrapbook for mom after the shower.

– The wishing cloud paper details (5x7 activity sign, cloud shaped sign, raindrop notecards, and keepsake book label) and  are included with the printables.


Valentine Manicure Activity:

– We found the cutest idea for a pink ombre Valentine manicure by Jenna Day over at! Check it out right here.

– Display a framed print out of the pictorial for guests to check out the steps at a glance.

Note: For smaller showers this manicure idea could actually be applied at the party. For larger showers, just give guests a quick overview of the project and print extra copies of the pictorial - or just little cards with the URL on where to find it – for them to take home. Include a a sheet of  reinforcement stickers with the print outs as a thoughtful touch!



Click the following links to download the Showered with Love - Pink & Red free sample printables including the Nail Sign, Drink Sign & Cloud Food Lables:

– Showered with Love FREE Printables

Buy the full collection, matching custom invitation and thank you cards in our shop


– Theme styling, design, & party printables: Hostess with the Mostess® 
– Theme Partner: Huggies