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How to create a "playing field" tabletop:

You'll need:
- 2 large 36"x36" sheets of green felt from a craft or fabric store
- Adhesive "Varsity" numbers: 2 each of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 each of "0"
- White ribbon

- Hot glue one edge each of the 2 sheets of felt to create a 72"x36" sheet
- Cut five 36" strips of white ribbon
- Lay the green felt out on the table or counter surface where you'll be serving the food
- Spread the ribbon out evently across the felt
- Peel off the adhesive from your numbers and stick "10", "20", "30", "40" and "50" near both ends of each strip of ribbon to create the yard lines. (This will create half of a football field; if you want to create an entire field, you can double your amount of yard lines)

To create an attractive food spread, try to use all-white serving dishes or at least all of the same color. This will make the food stand out and also keep the playing field from getting lost amongst busy dishware patterns and colors.

Set out football-themed partyware and yellow "penalty flag" napkins folded into triangles for your guests.

For the finishing touch, add some football figurines to the spread. Kaskey Kids has a great set (pictured here) that includes 2 full teams, a referree and 2 goal posts!