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Candy "Bouquet" Centerpieces
Fill colorful vases - like the cardboard pop-up blumeboxes pictured here - with old-fashioned lollipops like Whirly pops, Twister Unicorn pops, Rainbow Candy Sticks  and Rock Candy Sticks. Personalize the vases with contemporary stickers, ribbon, accent paper, and the name or initials of the guest of honor. (Pictured above: blumebox ribbons and circle stickers by Martha Stewart Crafts.)

Incorporate cute plush animals into the party decor to give the atmosphere a playful, kid-friendly feel. The funky & adorable soft toys used in the images above are all from IKEA's Barnslig collection. (Prices range from $3.99 for small toys to - $9.99 for the extra-large critters.)

Choose colorful plates, napkins, & utensils with modern dots and stripes to coordinate with the theme. To give napkins a fun look, roll them into thirds and wrap with a "napkin ring" made from decorative paper. (Pictured above: Milestone Birthday Plates & Milestone Dots & Stripes Napkins wrapped with blumebox ribbons as the "napkin rings". Mod, vibrant Hedda curtains from IKEA were used as the tablecloth for the buffet table.)

Bright & colorful kid-sized tables also look adorable for a Candyland party. To play up the theme, try wrapping the legs of tables & stools with wide ribbon "candy cane style" to give them the look of old-fashioned stick candy. (Pictured above, shiny Grace Tables & Stools by Jennifer Delonge. Also check IKEA's children's furniture collection and other kids stores for more options!)


Click here to view the entire photo album from the Candyland 1st Birthday party thrown for Max Sutter.