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The Bling Bride table is all about girlie pinks and bright orange hues mixed with lots of sparkle and silvery shimmer. Start out by dressing up your basic white table linens with affordable  gift wrap "runners" in a fun design, such as the pink stripe holographic print pictured here.

For the centerpieces, fill tall glass vases or stemmed glass candles holders with clear and translucent-colored acrylic "ice" - which can be found at most craft or floral supply stores - then top them off with big, diamond-shaped paper weights! Arrange the vases on a silver tray or charger, then add a giant diamond-ring paper weight  and sprinkle more of the acrylic ice around for extra "bling".  Personalize the centerpiece by adding the bride-to-be's name in rhinestones. Rhinestone name stickers can usually be found at scrapbooking supply stores...and this is a much better alternative to hand-applying each individual stone on your own! If your guest of honor has an unusual name that can't be found in a ready-made sticker, you can always use the word "Bride" instead of her name.)

Try to incorporate some color into your place settings as well. The pink and orange-banded paper plates shown here work great for this theme - especially when set  atop silver charger plates. There's no reason why you can't mix paper and "regular" dishware at your parties to keep things affordable. (FYI: Linens-n-Things sells sets of 12 silver chargers for only $20 right now!) For napkin rings, cut strips from patterened paper napkins and wrap them around your linen napkins to create a simple band. Use the rest of the paper napkins to accent the appetizer and dessert buffets.

Finishing Touches:

1. Embellish with candlelight & rhinestones... Add some votive candles to the table and embellish the candle holders with ready-to-apply rhinestone decals. We even added rhinestones to the ends of all the silverware!

2. Go V.I.P. with your water. Instead of regular glasses of ice water, give guests their own bottle of sparkling VOSS water. VOSS water comes in a hip glass bottle and is often found at upscale nightclubs, hotels and lounges...where you'll usually pay upwards of $8-$10/per bottle! However, in the light of day at your local BevMo or beverage store, you should be able to stock up on VOSS for under $2/bottle.'s still more expensive than your average bottled water, but they pull double-duty as great party decor, so you get more bang for your buck!

 3. Cheer bride-to-be with a champagne toast! It doesn't have to be Krystal, and it doesn't even have to be alcoholic, (sparkling cider works great too!) - but there's just something fitting about a girl dripping in diamonds and a sparkling glass of  bubbly...don't you think?  Or if you want to really go all out, mix up some special Pink Barracudas for your signature drink and serve in festive champagne flutes!

{photography by Smith-Studios}